Podcast Series X

A Man on an Eternal Roadtrip


A Vietnam War vet is cursed to drive through the continental United States forever. After decades of learning to become resigned to his fate, someone crosses into his life and gives him hope that he can find the person who did this to him and convince her to remove the curse.


Creator and Ideator


Podcast/Audio Drama


In Planning Stages

Behind the Story

Why This Story

I’ll be honest. This story did start out as an inkling idea for a fanfiction. I won’t say which. However, as I started research in Vietnam and sketching out ideas I decided it would be much more appropriate as an original novel.

The most distinct part of the research process so far is the fact that the main character is a Black Vietnam War veteran. The bottom line is that I’ve been able to find only one collective memoir of Black soldiers from the Vietnam war. I think, while this story is much more in the lines of fantasy, there is something to be said about bringing back lost stories.

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