Disappearances In Mexico

Project Overview The Disappearances in Mexico campaign was a bilingual, multimedia, research-driven project with the Washington Office on Latin America. In the series, official data was visualized and explored how authorities in Mexico have underutilized tools meant to bolster investigations into disappearances. I was the primary project lead for this project. The campaign included a websiteContinue reading “Disappearances In Mexico”

National Consultation Firm

project overview A national consultation firm required a new content strategy alongside their website redesign. I worked alongside information architecture and digital strategy to develop an SEO-driven content strategy. Using writing fro web best practices, I worked with the client to develop content outlines, optimized keywords for priority pages, and designed a step-by-step content writingContinue reading “National Consultation Firm”

Regional Bank

project overview I developed a comprehensive content strategy, content marketing guidelines, governance document, and example editorial calendar for a regional bank. The deliverables were developed based on analysis of the bank’s current performance, competitive analysis, and user research. services Content strategy Governance guidelines Editorial calendar

International Affairs Graduate School

project overview An international affairs graduate school required an updated content strategy with the primary goal of improving SEO and increasing applications to their programs. I led the client through a voice and tone workshop to develop a consistent content writing strategy. I curated a list of target keywords per priority webpage based on gapContinue reading “International Affairs Graduate School”

National Nonprofit Website

Project overview This client is a national nonprofit that required designing and building templates with a flexible WordPress theme under a tight deadline. I also lead content entry for over 20 pages and edited provided content following writing for web and SEO best practices. provided SERVICES Template building – WordPress Wireframes Design Content editing SEO/KeywordContinue reading “National Nonprofit Website”

International Nonprofit

Project overview I worked with an international nonprofit during their website redesign project, interviewing 15 internal stakeholders, providing strategic recommendations based on data analysis and qualitative user research. After launch, I worked directly with the client to develop blog governance, track performance, and recommend changes. SERvices Strategic research Stakeholder interviews SEO/Keyword research Blog governance PerformanceContinue reading “International Nonprofit”