Storyteller. Traveler. Digital strategist. They/Them.

“But thousands and thousands of people, all people, have the same light in them, have their own creative power in them, if they would only come to see it, respect it, and let it out.” – Brenda Ueland, If You Want To Write

Who is Lisette Alvarez?

When I approach a story–any story–I approach it with the awe of creative power and an opportunity to explore the truth. As a military brat and the child of a Cuban-American and a Canadian, I am lucky to have had the opportunity to spend most of my life moving between cultures. As an adult, I have continued to experience diverse stories; both real and fictional.

I believe in working with people whose voices have been marginalized. My goal is to create a career around stories that connect across gender, race, nationality, class, and other lived experiences.

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