Digital Strategy Services

What is digital strategy?

SEO. Content. Google Analytics. Ads. Campaigns. Social media. Email marketing. Webinars. Websites. If you are doing business on the internet, you are using digital strategy. Digital strategy is your plan to create and market content online. However, it is easy to get lost in the mix of how and what to do to succeed in a digital world. Digital strategy often pulls from a variety of different methodologies–website analytics, audience research, UX, graphic design, industry and competitive analysis, and much more. Deciding what to use and how to use it? Anyone would feel overwhelmed! What can you do?

Book a digital strategy expert.

Hi! I am Lisette Alvarez. I have over a decade of experience leading digital projects and campaigns with web design agencies, international non-profits, strategic communications companies, government entities, and many more.

A Storytelling Approach

Meaningless data abound. It takes time and research to find the needle in the haystack. My job is to dig deep into information and pull forward the most important driving factors; the key story. The hook.

Once I understand the most important aspects of a project, I pull forward related next steps that are directly linked to your goals and objectives. I use data-driven solutions that are tailored to the needs of the project.

Digital Strategy Services List

Content Strategy Guide

Custom grade report for content-heavy clients. Includes a review of past content and a custom template for future content.

Industry Standout

Stand out from your competitors online with this custom consult. Includes initial consult with follow-up recommendation presentation based on competitive research.

Voice, Tone, & Messaging

Speak the language of your audience with a creative, intensive workshop. Includes initial consult, research, messaging guide, and 1.5 hr presentation.

Digital State of the Union

Complete audit of all your digital properties, such as your website, social media, email, podcasts, and digital ads. Final report includes industry and competitor analysis, as well as tailored recommendations per property.

Full Service Digital Project Strategy

If you have a mission-crucial digital project or campaign you intend to launch, a full service digital strategy will cover all your bases. Receive an intelligent, creative strategy to prepare for writing, design, and launch. Includes all above services plus:

  • Weekly email and phone consults
  • Specialized project consultation (podcast, website redesign, landing page, campaign, etc.)

1 Hour Video Consult

Not sure where to start? Have a specific question or project that you need to talk through? Contact me to set up a digital strategy consultation appointment. I will work with you to identify actionable next steps in building and executing a data-driven digital strategy. Includes initial research, Zoom consult, and follow-up email.

Fee: $120

Interested in breaking into the wide world of podcasts?

Contact Stormfire Productions. Stormfire Productions offers a range of a la carte creative, production, and marketing consulting services to help you tell your story.

When we are looking up at the screen, we are not looking at the actors delivering your lines, we are not looking at your lovingly created characters, we are certainly not looking at you. We are looking at ourselves. Because only we are the storytellers. And only we can give you immortality.”

Julian Friedmann, “Mystery of Storytelling.”