I have a variety of podcasts on my plate – public and private – at any given time. Keep an eye on this space for all my work; including podcasts, publications, interviews, workshops, events, and more.

As the Founder and Executive Producer at Stormfire Productions, you can follow more of my podcast projects at stormfireproductions.com.

Kalila Stormfire’s Economical Magick Services

Kalila Stormfire’s Economical Magick Servies is a fantasy audio drama about a witch’s documentation of her clients and how she deals with a mysterious saboteur who is trying to destroy her magick business.

I am the writer, director, producer, and play the main character. You can learn more here.

Rebuilding Peace in Colombia

Rebuilding Peace is a bilingual documentary podcast series created by the Washington Office on Latin America for the CON LÍDERES HAY PAZ human rights campaign. The series follows the stories of social leaders in Colombia who, every day, under threat to their lives, search for truth and work toward reconciliation, fight for justice for victims of the Colombian conflict, and ensure the government lives up to the guarantees it made to ethnic and rural communities in the historic 2016 peace accord.

I was the producer and project lead on the campaign and coordinated resources across program areas and continents. You can learn more here.

Magic King Dom

Magic King Dom is a survival fantasy audio drama written and produced by A.R. Olivieri. Dom was just a baby when the world ended on her first trip to the Magic Kingdom — but now — growing up — she wants a way out.

I play the main character, Dom. You can subscribe and learn more here.


Caravan is a “weird-west” audio drama written by Tau Zaman and produced by The Whisperforge.

I play Banshee. You can subscribe and learn more here.

WDG Presents: The Feedback

WDG Presents: The Feedback is a digital industry podcast featuring expert voices from WDG, a DC-area digital strategy, design, and development agency.

I was the producer and primary interviewer for this podcast. You can subscribe and find out more here.

Interviews & Features


Past Events

PodTales in Boston, MA: On panel regarding social advocacy in fiction podcasting.

DC PodFest: Hosted an audio drama crash course workshop

PodCon: Participated in the Spirits Podcast live show and spoke at the Trans Representation in Audio Drama panel

Once Upon a Podcast: A Live Audio Drama Showcase – NYC April 5th 2019

SPEAKER: PodCast Movement in Orlando August 2019
I facilitated a fireside chat on #OwnVoices in audio drama and moderating a panel on self-taught producers.

Stay tuned in this space for upcoming events!