Storms and Shadows: A post-election 2016 reflection

I went to a funeral today. Aside from the politics, the rhetoric, and the media bloodbath—life went on outside of those parameters. Life still ended, too. My coworker’s father passed away last week. I am lucky to have a job where my coworkers feel comfortable enough to ask us for support in such vulnerable times. … Continue reading Storms and Shadows: A post-election 2016 reflection

My Time in Cambodia

The beef lok lak (meaning diced) is served with white jasmine rice, the beef flavored with local black pepper, accompanied by a tang of unexpected sweetness from the lemongrass and sugarcane in the sauce. Rice is, obviously, a staple in this region. My first visit to Asia was not in more developed (read: tourist-friendly) Japan, Korea, China, or … Continue reading My Time in Cambodia

Selected Poetry by Lisette Alvarez

I recently (finally) returned to the stage after a 5-year hiatus. This hiatus was caused by a variety of factors--mostly surrounding a bad relationship in undergrad and pressure to find a more "lucrative" career path than acting. For five years, I continually psyched myself out of auditioning for anything...big or small. I thought writing, quietly, … Continue reading Selected Poetry by Lisette Alvarez

The Quickening Season

A meditation, if you will, on the cycle of the new season and the spiral of development it provides. I grappled with a number of personal issues near the end of this past year, mostly dealing with aspirations around my career. I had not accomplished my simple (though in retrospect clearly daunting) goal, which was … Continue reading The Quickening Season

Reading Minorities and the Limit of Empathy

Consuming art means confronting many archetypes and structures built from eons of culture and experiences. After some consideration, I have decided to go through my long, long list of “to reads” I had saved in my Tumblr “likes”. All of these “to reads” were solely diverse reads. Meaning, the writers (and characters) are not straight, … Continue reading Reading Minorities and the Limit of Empathy